Whirlybirds & Roof Vents

The general aim of ventilating the attic is to keep the area cool in the summer and dry in the colder months. Empowering the flow and movement of natural air makes your home more pleasant by creating a way for hot, moist, or polluted air to leave your home.

All our ventilators are made of aluminium and available in Colorbond’s wide range of colours. The variable pitch base makes quick installation and is ideal for all types of home roofing. You will get the most excellent service at our company and have the professionals to call on for guidance and support. We work with products of the highest quality and always offer the best service worthy of your time and money.

Supremacy of our Service

  • Sized to your roof. Flashing seamless one-piece ensures a leak-proof and durable product.
  • Help remove moulding and improve roof life.
  • Positive extraction gets rid of fire, smoke, and dust.
  • Improved air quality inside.
  • Lessens damage to buildings.
  • Protects products stored therein.
  • Human and eco-friendly.

Over a period of time, we have developed and explored the globe for a variety of air ventilation products which are the most modern, affordable, quietest and of the highest quality and manufacturing standards so that we can give our customers the very best.

We have a selection of mixed-flow-in-line fans with a low acoustic profile which produces low noise when in use. They do this through a specially designed perforated inner skin that channels sound waves to a layer of sound-absorbing material created inside the fan.

Why Is Ventilation Important

Ventilation improves the overall atmosphere of the indoor– Standard household tasks, such as taking a shower, washing clothes, and running a dishwasher, all generate humid, moist air that rises up into the attic. When the warm and cold air enters, the frame and the insulation condense and damp. If this wetness continues to build-up without drying, mould on the insulation and on the roof, rafters can grow. This can lead to severe respiratory problems, and potentially cause structural damage to the roof of the house.

Energy Efficient – We all wish to remain cool inside as the outside temperature increases. If a house has a properly vented roof, it helps the heat to escape effectively-this reduces the burden on your air conditioner.

Enhancing durability of your roof – Extreme weather conditions are taking a tremendous toll on the roofs. Properly ventilated roofs are of benefit to the roofs when outside is extremely hot or cold.

Good ventilation of the roof helps to expel this warm air until it gets the chance to melt the snow and ice over the roof.

All in all, inadequate ventilation causes harm to the roof, thus ensuring proper ventilation of the roofs is essential.

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Alex was courteous and professional. He arrived on time, and completed the job to my satisfaction. He also cleaned up the work area before he left. I would definitely be using his company again.

– Eddy from Noranda, WA

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Great workmanship and Alex was happy to go above and beyond to complete additional tasks as well. Provided good advice and when the job was done sent through photos of the roof to illustrate the work done. Pricing was very competitive and left the site clean and tidy. Highly recommended!

– Peter from Ballajura, WA

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– Chris from Belmont, WA

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Prompt response, fixed problem on the first visit, reasonable price. would use this service again

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Came out within an hour, gave a competitive quote and fixed it on the spot! Highly recommend….great service!

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Job done quickly.

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